Prior to Return to Campus

In order to return to campus, students must complete the following steps and agree to the following conditions.


  • Be tested for COVID-19 no earlier than 2 weeks prior to arrival date on campus. Students will need to email a negative test to Susan Stanley, Director of Health Services, to ensure compliance with this statement. Students will then need to quarantine from the time tested to arrival on campus. OR


  • Symptomatic students will be required to have testing


  • Students may be required to have testing within first 14 days on campus upon arrival to campus. 
  • Electronically sign the new mask policy in Presence. 
  • Be willing to submit all necessary information should the need arise for contact tracing. 
  • Be willing to submit to rounds of testing to ensure the virus is staying off campus. 
  • Be willing to agree to all new policies. 
  • Be willing to sign waiver of risk. 
  • Required to receive COVID vaccine when available or must sign notarized waiver
  • Encouraged to receive annual influenza vaccine (limited supply of “free” vaccines available at Health Center with a scheduled appointment).