Updated Alcohol Policy

All of the following are now violations of the Code of Student Code as it pertains to alcohol

  • Possession, sale, distribution, consumption of, and being in the presence of alcohol regardless of age.
  • Possession, sale, distribution, and consumption of alcohol off campus for those under the legal age to possess alcohol.
  • Sale or distribution of alcohol to those under the legal age to possess alcohol.
  • Driving while under the noticeable effect of alcohol.
  • Any behavior that is the direct result of alcohol consumption. Any student found to be visibly impacted by alcohol consumption will be found in violation of the alcohol policy.
  • Possession of any items that provide for the common distribution of alcoholic beverages on property owned, occupied, or leased by the College or in College facilities. Furthermore, empty containers of alcohol (beer cans, beer bottles, wine bottles, distilled spirits, etc.) are a violation of the alcohol policy. 
  • Consumption from or the possession of an open container of alcohol in public, off-campus locations regardless of age except at licensed events or establishments. 
  • Any student, regardless of age, found to be acutely intoxicated, will be evaluated by Emergency Services for possible hospital treatment.