Cleaning and Disinfecting

Normal routine cleaning with soap and water decreases how much of the COVID-19 virus is on surfaces and objects, which reduces the risk of exposure. Disinfection can also help reduce the risk; frequent disinfection of surfaces and objects touched by multiple people is important.


Chemicals and Products

Custodial services, provided by National Management Resources, will only use disinfecting chemicals and products indicated in the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) List N for use against SAR-CoV-2. The use of all disinfecting chemicals must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. National Management Resources through one of its many local or national suppliers will procure supplies.


Cleaning Schedules

A. The current cleaning schedule for administrative areas, common areas, offices, and residence halls will continue daily (Monday through Friday) by the custodial staff with frequently touched surfaces including, but not limited to, door handles, light switches, handrails, and elevator buttons disinfected at least twice per day, Monday through Friday. Cleaning and disinfecting on weekends will be as needed based on facility usage for activities or events.

B. Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected between every class period by the custodial staff.

C. Employees must keep their work areas tidy to allow proper cleaning and disinfecting by the custodial staff. In the event the custodial staff cannot properly clean an employee’s work area due to untidiness, the employee will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their work area.

D. Employees that interact with students, the public, or other people (other than employees) will be provided with disinfectant supplies and must clean surfaces contacted frequently.

E. Residential students are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their living spaces (i.e. dorm room) according to CDC guidelines.


Shared Objects and Vehicles

The sharing of objects (e.g. equipment, tools, vehicles, workspaces, etc.) should be minimized; use of shared objects that are difficult to clean or disinfect is discouraged. All shared objects must be cleaned and disinfected prior to transfer from one person to another. College departments, or their designee, are responsible for the cleaning and disinfecting of the objects in their purview (e.g., the library is responsible for its books, Information Technology Services is responsible for computer labs, lab instructors are responsible for their lab equipment, etc.).

COVID-19 Known or Suspected Areas

Custodial staff must disinfect any area accessed by a known or suspected COVID-19 person prior to other employees accessing the are