All College-related travel by employees and students must comply with local, state, and federal government mandates, and should be in accordance with health department and CDC guidance. Essential travel (i.e. necessary to the core operations of the College) will be considered accordingly; non-essential travel will be limited.

All employees and students traveling for any College-related reason, including but not limited to, athletic competition, experiential learning experiences (e.g. student teaching, internships, etc.), professional development, or recruiting, must comply with the rules, standards, and procedures outlined and referenced in this policy, including physical distancing, the wearing of face coverings, and practicing proper hand washing and hygiene while traveling.

Considerations for all travel requests include, but are not limited to, essentialness of the travel, availability of technological alternatives (e.g. Zoom or phone), distance from the College, spread of the virus in both the College’s local community and at the destination, ability to maintain physical distancing both during travel and at the destination, and the possibility of quarantine or self-isolation upon return. The COVID-19 Coordinator must approve all requests for College-related travel before final authorization may be granted.