Repopulation of the College

Initial Screening

All individuals, as outlined in section1.1, are expected to conduct an initial screening for symptoms to assess their risk of being COVID-19 positive prior to accessing College property after a prolonged absence of fourteen (14) or more days. Anyone answering YES to any of the initial screening questions is to stay home until it is safe to return (i.e. be around others) and report their symptoms to the appropriate College personnel.



Employees will repopulate the College in phases in accordance with all government mandates and health department guidance. An employee’s return to work date is determined based on their functions and their office’s needs as determined by their manager; any return to work must be in accordance with any essential personnel restrictions that may be in place. Prior to returning to campus, an employee’s manager must approve and report the following to the Executive Council member:

A. The employee’s return to campus date;

B. The employee’s schedule (e.g. traditional, compressed, alternative, or flexible); and

C. The employee’s work location (e.g. on-campus or alternate).


Student Move-in

Student Move-in will be a staggered student process that incorporates all required COVID-19 precautions and procedures. This process will be communicated to students and parents prior to their arrival on campus.

1. Arriving on Campus: Each student will be assigned a time to arrive; upon arrival, each student will stop at an Orientation Checkpoint for symptoms screening and any necessary additional information.

2. Checking in: each student will enter the designated check-in station alone to retrieve orientation materials, housing information, room key, student ID, etc.

3. Unloading Personal Belongings: each student will be directed to their residence hall’s move-in station to receive instructions on where to unload their belongings before moving their vehicle to an assigned parking lot.

4. Relocating Belongings to Residence Hall Room: each student and their family will relocate their personal belongings to the student’s residence hall room within their allotted time.

5. Setting up the Room and Saying Goodbye to Families: families may assist the student with any setup needs that require their assistance, but will need to vacate the residence hall once the allotted time has expired in order to allow other students and families to begin moving into the residence hall.