Student Work/Employment Policy

Because of the pace and rigor of the program, students are strongly discouraged from working while in the program.

The following guidelines are meant to help the student in deciding about work during their participation in the OT Program:

  • Students who work are encouraged to make this known to their academic advisor.
  • Students who are working and find themselves in academic difficulty will be advised to consider terminating their job or adjusting their schedule at work in a manner that is more conducive to studying.
  • Coursework and all required activity schedules will not be altered to conform to extracurricular job schedules or requirements. Your education must remain your primary responsibility when balancing work and school.
  • Students are required to work with different student groups for assignments and projects throughout the curriculum. Students must be available to meet with these groups at different times during the week. If students have difficulty meeting with their student groups then they may be asked to adjust their working schedules.
  • While a student may be invited by a faculty member to share her/his experience in a specific area with the class, a student may not be employed by the program or serve for or function as instructional faculty.
  • Students cannot, at any time, work for the program.

Students cannot, at any time, substitute for clinical or administrative staff on Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences, Fieldwork or other clinical practice activities.