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Eric Grossman

Associate Professor Neff Education Center

Professional teacher since 1991. Dr. Grossman has taught in a range of environments from K-12 to higher education, indoors and out. He has spent the bulk his career teaching high school chemistry, physics, and biology.

Dr. Grossman stresses to our students the importance of integrating appropriate technology to enhance student learning. At the same time, he keeps student engagement and student learning at the center of instructional design.

To help students and teachers discover and adapt the most useful teaching technologies, he has focused his work primarily in three areas:

  • teaming students and professors in the use of teaching technology within a content area;
  • using social media to help student teachers share ideas, particularly those that relate to teaching practicum experiences;
  • and teaching content classes with expansive use of technology.


  • University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
    Ed.D., Teaching and Learning
    M.A.T., Science Teaching
  • Brown University, Providence, RI
    B.A., Human Evolutionary Ecology.


Dr. Grossman currently teaches several education courses for the Neff Center for Teacher Education as well as select courses in the general education program of Emory & Henry College.

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McGlothin-Street Hall, Room 322
Emory, VA 24327



McGlothlin-Street Hall

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