Leave of Absence

For detailed Leave of Absence information, refer to the College’s Academic Catalog. Students seeking a Leave of Absence from the OT Program must submit a written request and meet with the Department Chair/Program Director and obtain their permission. Additionally, students seeking a Leave of Absence should be aware of the following stipulations:

  • Acceptable Leave of Absence requests are for personal, financial, or medical reasons.
    • Leave of Absence requests are not granted for academic reasons (e.g., exam failures or imminent course failure).
  • Students may only be granted one leave of absence in each phase (i.e., didactic phase and clinical phase) of the program.
    • If granted during the didactic phase of the program, Leave of Absence will automatically result in deceleration from the program, and all policies and procedures of deceleration will apply.
    • If granted during the clinical or capstone experience phase of the program, a Leave of Absence may be no more than two semesters in length.
  • Students requiring a leave of greater than two semesters will automatically result in deceleration from the program, and all policies and procedures of deceleration will apply.
  • Students must complete the entire curriculum and program within five (5) years of entering the program, regardless of approved leave of absences and/or deceleration.

The following procedures will apply to students requesting a leave of absence from the program:

  • If a student is denied a Leave of Absence by the Program, he/she may appeal to the Dean of the School of Health Sciences, following the above described appeals processes.
  • The Leave of Absence Agreement will be signed by the Department Chair/Program Director and the student.
  • Once signed, the Leave of Absence agreement will be forward to the Dean of the School of Health Sciences.
  • A date will be established by which the student must notify the Dean and Department
    Chair/Program Director of their intent to complete the agreement and resume the program.
  • Students will be required to demonstrate maintenance of competency to resume progression in the program.
    • This may involve retaking courses, completion of written or practical examinations, and/or other activities deemed necessary by the program.
    • These requirements must be completed prior to resumption of the program.
    • If required to retake previously completed courses, students are responsible for any associated tuition and fees.