Research Publications

Students involved in research are strongly encouraged to submit their work for presentation at AOTA or VOTA and other professional meetings. A research abstract considered for presentation of publication must be submitted in conjunction with the faculty, clinicians, and/or researcher with whom the work was conducted. Careful consideration must be given to authorship, as well as acknowledgments for supporting contributions to the research. For research performed during their graduate work, students must obtain permission to publish manuscripts in the peer-reviewed literature from the Research Advisor and the Faculty Advisor. Other faculty members may review the manuscript before submission for publication. 

The research advisor’s name will appear first on the initial publication arising from a research project conducted by students, unless otherwise agreed. Student investigators will determine the order in which their names should appear.

No investigator may use data from a project without full disclosure to all collaborators and permission from the research advisor. 

A complete final copy (hard and electronic) of all materials relating to a research project must be submitted by the student to the research advisor.