Use of Facilities

Use of the Facilities

Emory & Henry College’s OTD Program is housed on the E&H School of Health Sciences campus located in Marion, VA. While students have access to all public areas of the Program facilities, they are reminded that these buildings are places of business and are education facilities. Appropriate attire is expected at all times, in keeping with our representation as members of the professional community, as well as the E&H community. Excessive noise, excessive foot traffic, or unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated. Access to the facilities is generally from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM during the week and shorter hours on the weekend. Specific hours will be provided to each class by the program. 

Students share responsibility for maintaining a clean and safe environment in the classrooms, laboratories, conference/resource areas and commons room. An outline of guidelines and procedures for the shared and dedicated rooms utilized by the OT Program appears below. 

Commons Room:

All students from the OT Program share the commons room with students from other health sciences programs. Given that it is shared space, neatness and cleanliness are important. Students are asked to remove food and personal items from tables, and to wipe off the tables after use. Please monitor the refrigerators and microwave ovens for cleanliness. Please keep only essential food items in the refrigerator and make sure to remove all outdated and older items. In addition, students are asked to be cognizant of noise levels and to be considerate of those around them at all times.

Locker Rooms:

The area behind the commons room and the restrooms that attach to the anatomy lab have lockers. Students will be assigned lockers for their convenience to change from street attire into laboratory clothes, and to store learning materials. Locker space is limited, so students may wish to coordinate in-class use of resources with other classmates. Food and beverages are NOT permitted in student lockers or the locker rooms. Students need to provide their own locks for the lockers. These locks are subject to being removed as needed for safety concerns, or if the locker is not evacuated upon request.

Classrooms and Conference Rooms:

Classrooms and conference rooms are shared among all students from the OT Program and the students from other health sciences programs. Students are asked to be considerate of faculty and guest speakers, who may find consumption of food and beverages a significant distraction during a formal presentation or not indicative of professional behavior. To avoid spills, only drinks in closed containers are allowed in the classrooms . Students accept responsibility for cleaning any spills, without disruption to teaching and learning. The use of pagers, cell phones, watch alarms, or other audible devices that may disrupt learning are NOT permitted in labs, classrooms, or conference rooms. 


Food and beverages are NOT permitted in any of the laboratories at any time. Students are responsible for keeping the labs organized and for cleaning up after each use. No shoes are permitted on the mat tables or plinths. Information concerning anatomy lab access outside of class time will be provided in the Human Anatomy syllabus.

Bulletin boards:

Laboratory bulletin boards serve as a student message center where general announcements,
continuing education courses, fieldwork site information, AOTA, employment information, and shared photographs may appear. Faculty and staff are responsible for the content and maintenance of these bulletin boards. If students wish to post announcements on official bulletin boards, they must submit the announcement to the Program Office for authorization. The Program’s administrative staff will periodically remove outdated announcements. The Program reserves the right to remove any unauthorized materials from bulletin boards without notice.