Extended Absence Request

The Program defines an extended absence as more than 1 (didactic and clinical phase) and 2 (clinical phase job interviews) consecutive days missed.

The Policy for Extended Absence Request is evaluated on a case by case basis. Students can request in writing to the SPC, through their faculty adviser, up to 5 consecutive business days’ absence from the program (e.g., paternity leave/illness/death/family emergencies). All missed assignments must be made up within 1 week of return. The student must be advised; this may result in difficulty with progression due to the fast pace and rigor of a PA Program. Leave of absence and deceleration should also be discussed with the student as an option. No guarantee is made of approval or length of approved absence. The program strongly feels any more than 5 consecutive days missed must result in a leave of absence or withdrawal of the student. SPC will make the recommendation to the Program Director for final approval. The student cannot request an alternate delivery of course work from the rest of the cohort. This policy may be amended on a case by case basis due to global/national pandemic/epidemic upon review by the SPC, Program Director, and SHS administration.