December 15, 2020: COVID-19 Return to Campus Update: Spring 2021 Return Testing Requirement

Emory & Henry College Students,

I hope that each of you had a relaxing Thanksgiving and are enjoying your holiday break. This email contains important information regarding the College’s response to the novel COVID-19 Coronavirus. Please review carefully. As you know by now, we are all in this together and wish to remain a strong and safe campus through the pandemic. To do so, we must all do our part to remain on campus while preventing the spread of the virus. The general understanding that we must protect ourselves as well as each other, faculty and staff is paramount to a successful Spring semester. We can do this. Please return healthy by limiting your exposure while home.

Notification of Positive Diagnosis
If at any point you test positive or demonstrate positive symptoms during the course of the holiday break, please notify Susan Stanley, Director of Health Services, at Having this information will be critically important as we look towards both mandatory testing for student-athletes in the Spring and a more robust testing strategy for non student-athletes in the Spring.

Notification of Return Testing Requirement
In order to move into campus housing, all students will be required to submit a negative test that is no older than 72 hours. Please review your calendars to make this happen. If you do not have a test result, you will be placed into quarantine for two weeks to await test results that you will have to get near Emory, VA. Please note that all commuters will be required to submit a negative test to access campus.

**Please submit your test results at this link in order to move into campus housing or access campus.

*** Please note that those who have tested positive in the 90 days prior to returning to campus will not need to be tested again. We will have those records. If you have specific questions regarding whether or not you fall into this category, please contact me by responding to this email.

All members of the E&H community should practice appropriate safety measures throughout the break, but it is highly recommended that you pay special attention to your safety and wellness 10 days prior to returning to campus. This will vary by certain groups and athletes move in dates but please look at your calendar before your return. We want you to come back well rested and healthy to kick off the Spring semester.

Helpful Resources & Tips:

  • State of Virginia offers the COVID-Wise tracing app - please sign up here
  • Stay up to date by visiting the E&H COVID web page
  • Bring hand sanitizer and wipes for your personal use. There are many locations on campus but you can never have enough. Make sure you have a good mask rotation.
  • Bring a COVID TO GO bag - should you have to move into quarantine after being exposed or are waiting for a test result, you will be moved out of your room. Pack a backpack of clothes and supplies such as medicines and snacks to grab and go.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We’re in this together and together we can see successful results for an engaged Spring semester.

Ryan Bowyer,
Associate Provost and Dean of Students; Covid-19 Coordinator, Emory & Henry College