Matanya Loewenthal


Denver, Colorado

Class Year:


What's your major?

Computer Science

What are your hobbies or extracurricular activities?

I’m constantly interested in everything and anything, so a non-inclusive list would probably look like this: Hiking, biking, mountaineering, running, climbing, skiing, canoeing, bikepacking, swimming, sewing, etc…as well as working with computers and operating systems, servers, programming, etc. I wish I could settle down and figure out what it is I like to do and just do that, but the problem is I like to do everything. Oh well.

What attracted you to Semester-A-Trail?

I’ve always loved nature, as well as hiking and camping, so when this opportunity came along, I couldn’t help myself! I first saw this program in a video someone sent me, and I signed up on the website within the hour. I’m glad I did!

What are you most looking forward to about the program?

Peeling blisters off my toes! No, actually, probably getting to be completely surrounded by nature. Humans are animals, and I can’t wait to go entirely feral, completing a cycle of evolution as one is meant to.

  • Matanya Loewenthal


Denver, CO