Outdoor Executive Leadership - “Nature’s EMBA”

Who Should Enroll

Any Business School can talk Leadership. Only a college that offers a “Semester A-Trail” can offer Outdoor Leadership to Executives. The “Nature’s EMBA” is a certificate program catered to the busy careers of chief executives and is an unparalleled opportunity to highlight executive leadership skills amidst the uncertainty of Emory & Henry’s unique natural environment. 


This program equips participants with the skills and frameworks needed to adapt to a dynamic world and address the variety of complex and interrelated challenges that senior executives are currently facing. This premier experience aims to challenge leaders with uncertainty and risk and enhance their abilities as effective business builders and systems thinkers. Upon completion of the program, participants will have strengthened leadership skills and frameworks and developed an enhanced ability to navigate business uncertainty. This type of education aims to produce sustainably-minded business leaders.

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  • The Emory & Henry College Outdoor Program is launching the inaugural Hiking Institute for Adults from May 15-18.