May 27, 2021-Face Coverings Update

The COVID task force continues to work through policy updates for our employees as we approach the upcoming academic year. We are finding that guidance from the CDC and the Governor continues to update at a somewhat rapid pace as more and more individuals get vaccinated and case numbers across the country, state, and region continue to fall.

In accordance with both the CDC’s and Governor Northam’s recent guidance, we are updating our policy and offering an opt-in program for fully vaccinated employees. This opt-in program is intended to give employees who have been fully vaccinated increased flexibility and return to a more normal working environment.

If you are an employee who is:

1) fully vaccinated,
2) has communicated this information with Human Resources via this link, and
3) wish to no longer wear a facial covering at any location across campus,

then you may visit Tracy Peery, Director of Human Resources, in the Scarbrough House, to obtain your customized E&H lanyard that says “#Vaccinated” and “doing my part!”. This lanyard is to be worn with your college issued ID badge if you wish to opt-in to being fully released from the facial covering requirement. Employees located at the Marion or Bristol campuses who cannot stop by the Emory campus should contact Tracy Peery for arrangements to receive your lanyard.

Please know that you may choose to not opt-in to this program and may choose to still wear a facial covering. Employees who are not fully vaccinated should continue to wear facial coverings while at work.

We continue to plan for and move towards a more fully open campus. As guidance continues to update and change, we will work to continue to update policies and procedures as necessary.

Please feel free to follow up with either Tracy Peery, Director of Human Resources, or Ryan Bowyer, Associate Provost and Dean of Students, if you have any questions.