Zackie Ali Pendergrass

Zackie chose Emory & Henry because of the sports program and the Bonner Program, and it brought him close to family. He likes E&H mostly because of the people, but also because of the closer connection to his family. Zackie is a Civic Innovation Major, and after graduation he plans to attend technical college and get his BA in engineering, get a job, and go to grad school. He is a Civic Leader Scholar, a Peace Mentor of DEI, a Bonner Scholar, and plays on the baseball team. When he isn’t doing school work, Zackie enjoys collecting shoes, fashion, playing video games, and helping others no matter the circumstance.

Zackie participates in the Appalachian Oral History Project, and is most interested in the connections he can make with other African Americans, as well as the comparison of history. Through this project, he hopes to help others better understand the importance of the oral history of this community and continue adding to the history. He hopes to come back years later and have more additions added to the project and have more public interest.

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Civic Innovation


Statesboro, GA
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