Jan. 5, 2022-COVID-19 Return to Campus Update-Updated Quarantine/Isolation Policy Statements

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

I hope this finds you well. This email contains updated isolation and quarantine policies for the Spring 2022 semester. This is in response to recent updated CDC guidance that has been adopted by the Virginia Department of Health.

Updated Isolation/Quarantine Policies

  • Isolation for all fully vaccinated individuals (two shots of either Pfizer/Moderna plus a booster shot, or one shot of Johnson and Johnson plus a booster shot; or, two shots of the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine and you are no more than six (6) months out from the date of your second shot, or, one shot of Johnson and Johnson and you are no more than two (2) months out from your shot) is now five (5) days, provided that you do not have any symptoms.

  • Isolation for individuals who are not fully vaccinated is now five (5) days provided that you have no symptoms and you are twenty-four (24) hours fever free.

  • Quarantine for individuals who are unvaccinated AND vaccinated, but not boostered, AND more than six months out from either a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine OR two months out from Johnson and Johnson, is now five (5) days with strict mask usage for an additional five (5) days. Testing to return from quarantine or isolation will now be mandatory on day five.

  • Individuals who are vaccinated, but not boostered, and who are exposed/identified as a close contact will be required to wear a mask in all settings for ten (10) days.

  • Individuals who are vaccinated and boostered and who are identified as a close contact will not be required to quarantine.

Rapid Test Re-Entry Required for Vaccinated Students

After receiving additional reopening guidance, vaccinated students will be required to submit a negative rapid test prior to returning to campus. Please submit proof of a negative rapid test here. This test should be no older than 72 hours.

Positive Diagnosis Over Winter Break

If you are an employee who tested positive over the holiday break and wish to report this information, please fill out this form.

If you are a student who tested positive over the holiday break, please fill out this form.

Masking Reminder

As a reminder, we are continuing to require masks inside of all buildings on campus, including the common areas of residence halls and inside of the dining facilities unless you are eating.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these policy updates. Thank you for your continued flexibility as we navigate the changing landscape of COVID-19.

Ryan Bowyer
Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives