Breanna Kerkhoff

New Student Experience Leader

Where are you from? Navarre, FL

What is your anticipated major and minor if you have decided? Interdisciplinary English/Teacher Prep (Major) Art (Minor)

What is your favorite movie, and why? Frozen II. It helps kids talk about and deal with really serious issues like death. I also think it will help a generation of kids grow up understanding that people you love can make mistakes and do things that make you angry.

What song do you have on repeat right now? This changes regularly (emphasis on regularly), but right now, it’s fever dream by mxmtoon!

What is your favorite color? Lilac/Lavender (pastel purple of any shade, really)

What is your dream job? Elementary school teacher and author!

Why did you want to work with New Student Experience? I’ve been a part of this team in some fashion since 2019. I simply couldn’t imagine continuing without it! On top of that, I enjoy leadership and feel that I thrive as a leader, so taking the next step to be a Chair was just natural for me!

  • Breanna Kerkhoff