Desi Norris

Head New Student Experience Leader

Where are you from? Wilson, NC

What is your anticipated major and minor if you have decided? Psychology

What is your favorite movie, and why? The Sandlot. It is my favorite childhood movie, and I love baseball. “You’re killing me smalls” is my favorite quote from it.

What song do you have on repeat right now? Wild as You by Cody Johnson

What is your favorite color? Teal

What is your dream job? Psychologist

Why did you want to work with New Student Experience?

I wanted to work with NSE because I love showing new students my home in Emory, VA. I love showing them the community Emory has and all the fun things involved with not only getting a degree. I love growing relationships with people and working to achieve a goal. I also wanted to help organize fun events for all students to attend throughout the year. I want all students on campus to enjoy their college experience while they can, just like I do!