Cade Looney

Cade is a rising sophomore with an English major and Spanish minor. He chose Emory & Henry for the excellence in academics, athletics, and the overall feeling that it was the best fit for him. His love of Emory continues through the relationships he has formed with his teammates and coaches. Representing Emory as a student athlete, he loves his sport of basketball as well as the campus in its hidden away fashion. He appreciates the people that truly invest in helping him to be the best he can. He is currently working on the Watershed Project through transcribing African American census records from local counties during the 1860s. He enjoys seeing history through a different lens through this current project. He anticipates the greater contribution to the project as it helps those in SWVA. His hobbies include reading, fishing, being outdoors, and playing chess. 

Class of:



English with a Spanish minor


Grundy, VA