Jett McReynolds

Jett is a rising senior with a double major in History and Religion. While he struggles to place exactly what brought him to Emory and Henry, he identifies that the atmosphere and spirit of Emory in the midst of the location and people make it the place where he belongs. His favorite thing about the school is the accessibility to others and the connectedness that allows strong bonds to be formed. Jett is involved in the Outdoor Program, Honors, Spiritual Life, and Greek Life on campus. This summer he is working on the Appalachian Oral History project in order to collect histories connected to Emory and SWVA with the chance to add them to the greater Watershed project. He appreciates the ability of his project to uncover the truths of the past and the reality of the area’s history. His ultimate goal with this project is to achieve a greater perspective to what makes SWVA and Emory and Henry so unique. 

Class of:



History and Religion


Kingsport, TN