Adalina Nipper

My name is Ada Nipper and I am a junior Psychology major with an interest in Speech therapy and counseling. I enjoy outdoor sports such as hiking and kayaking. I am on the E&H Adventure Team and I also enjoy spending time in the Emory and Henry garden where I learn about sustainability and giving back to the community via organic farming. I am also a Bonner scholar and a part of the sorority Delta Rho Delta.

As part of the E&H Cross-Cultural Psychology course on the social psychology of the Holocaust, I studied abroad in the Czech Republic and Poland where I learned about the value of being
connected to other cultures and understanding different ways of living. I really value the open mindset and all of the opportunities studying abroad can bring you. I am super excited to be a global ambassador and to help other students find their very own global experience. I am excited not only to educate others on international education, but also to learn more myself and meet new people. I had a great experience abroad, and can’t wait to encourage others to expand their possibilities!

Class year:




International Experience:

Studied abroad in Czech Republic & Poland - Spring 2022


old town square, prague