Pilar Maravi

Adjunct Professor (Medical Spanish)

My name is Pilar Maravi, I am from Perú, I moved to USA. on 1996.

My teaching career started during my university years as an undergraduate student of Architecture at the Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón in Lima Perú. Soon after my third year, I became a Teacher Assistant for one of my professor’s Architectonical Design and Drawing class. One of my responsibilities there was to tutor the students of the lower years from the school of Architecture. I found this experience rewarding and important in my live. I graduated from the university in 1982 of the School of Architecture and Engineering Sciences. After my thesis defense, I decided to be a full-time professor in the same institution from 1988 until 1995.

When I moved to USA in 1996, I started the new live and a new career. I decided to study at Temple University in the school of Liberal Arts in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese in the year 2002. My concentration was Mediaeval Literature and a Spanish Teacher. During my years as graduate student in the university I was Teacher Assistant. This was my first experience as a language teacher. This experience motived my development my teaching skills because I get engaged with the students and I made their goals as my goals in order to achieve the acquisition of the Spanish Language. When I finished my master’s degree I decided to continue with my PhD. In the year 2008 I obtained the ABD. This year was important for me because I started to teach in the other institutions: Arcadia University, La Salle University and Community College of Philadelphia. I was slowly evolving from the newly qualified teacher towards the developing one, gathering in the meantime some practical experience during my year as Teacher Assistant in the university. I have been teaching Spanish language classes since 2002 until now.

To pursue my own professional development as a teacher and an academic I am obtaining my PhD degree in Spanish Art and Medieval literature in the year 2014.