Matt Rooks

What else are you involved in on campus?

Emory Climate Collaborative, Ampersand Literary Magazine

What is your favorite outdoor adventure sport? What has drawn you to this activity?

My favorite outdoor adventure sport would have to be whitewater kayaking. I really got into it mainly because of the hype around it but also the excitement and thrill I get from being in a boat in the water going through some crazy rapids.

How would you describe the A team community?

The community is very positive and welcoming. Everyone has a lot of differences but we all share the same love and hype for outdoor adventure sports and it brings us together. There’s a super amount of support and stoke within the team community, you’ll always have someone there to cheer you on.

Why should someone join the A team?

If you really want to get out of your comfort zone and into some pretty sick outdoor stuff, this is the program for you. We get so many crazy opportunities to do a lot of cool stuff and it’s hard to turn down an amazing opportunity like joining the team.

What is your biggest accomplishment as an A team member?

My biggest accomplishment would be getting out of my comfort zone and into a positive mindset of pushing myself past my limits. It feels good to get out of my comfort zone with and around team members because everyone is so supportive.

What is your favorite local spot for outdoor adventure?

The South Fork of the Holston River has to be my favorite river spot near campus for some good boating and developing some major boating skills. It’s the river where I hit my first combat roll in a kayak and it’s the first river I experienced in a play boat. If the water is high enough we get to run the dam and it’s super dope and fun to run.

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English Education
  • Matt paddling a Class III rapid on the Nantahala
  • Matt enjoying a favorite local overlook
  • Matt working on a trail crew in Shenandoah National Park