Package Delivery, Processing, and Caution for Overnighting Letters or Packages

Please note that letters and packages delivered to the U.S. Postal Service address first arrive at the Emory United States Post Office, located near campus. From there, college personnel retrieve the letters and packages for processing in the Wiley Hall Service Center.

When packages arrive at the Emory U.S. Post Office, the package will register as delivered in shipment tracking and will notify the student that the package has been delivered; however, this does not mean that it has arrived at the Wiley Hall Service Center for processing.

Packages are only ready for retrieval by the student when they have received official notification from Overnighting a package may lead to frustration for a student who sees that a package has been delivered to the Emory U.S. Post Office but has not yet arrived at the Wiley Hall Service Center.

Please also note that in such cases, the Emory U.S. Post Office, operated by employees of the U.S. Postal Service, will not sort through the numerous packages arriving at the post office in order to retrieve an individual package for an individual student.