Studio B: Thursday 11pm

Studio B- hosted by Brandon Cox , a sophomore Mass Communications major. Together we will vibe our way through different genres of music, taking you through different Kultures and eras of music… and what i like to say Lets Get the Tracks Rolling!!! Thursday nights at 11p.m.
Brandon Cox is a junior, majoring in Media and Communications with a minor in Sports Management. He has been a student employee of WEHC for 2 years and says, “I’ve learned many radio skills over the time and I love being at the station and being around the team we have. WEHC is a growing station and would love to have more students involved!”

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes, the mics, and the boards to produce the local programming you enjoy on WEHC and WISE-FM. It takes the dedication of staff, community volunteers and E&H students who work at the station. Ivy Shepperd-General Manager and Leigh Anne Hunter- Assistant Manager, are excited and proud to bring our hardworking students up to the forefront for a new feature in our schedule, an hour of purely student made content, weekdays at 11 p.m. These are their shows… Together, we are the Voice of Southwest Virginia.