Delaney Love

There are many little memories that come to the forefront of one’s mind that are triggered by certain objects, smells, and even past events. Who would I be if I had not realized at the age of 10 sitting in my southern Baptist church that organized religion did not make sense to me? It seems to be a reminder every time I hear church bells, the smell of the air in the sanctuary, and the Sunday school class that shared gummies as a snack. For as long as I can remember I have loved researching the ideas of other religions and how the United States population sees it.

My relief prints are the production of years of wondering if there is a god. Could there be more than one? Why do we have to have one true religion in the world? Some people today do not fully respect the practices of others’ religions. Without the knowledge of these beliefs, the next generation but just the same. I choose relief print because in this medium can be molded to add my artistic style into it . Every piece in this collection utilizes gold leaf sheets; I chose this material because it gives the viewer something to decipher.

Through my research of these religions there is a creation of understanding of the lives of the people that follow them. My work is meant to tell a variety of stories with different points of view about multiple religions. The work that has been made is meant to inspire and bring forth an understanding of others and give hope to others to create.

Most of us are told that we should respect everyone’s opinion, so why can’t we respect that others may have different views than us?