Olivia Strouth

I grew up admiring both printed comics and animated cartoons, longing for my work to be fully realized as a famous piece of media with rich storytelling, captivating designs, and heavy-hitting plotlines. Over the years, my art has developed into a darkly comedic, semi-realistic style, crafting anatomically plausible characters using digital mediums. I thoroughly enjoy bringing my imagination into the fringes of reality to interact in both fantastical and domestic situations.

One of the most noticeable parts of my characters is that they are unsettling, uncanny humanoid figures. These creatures navigate the pressures of conformity in different manners, representing the range of human experiences and individuality. Some have grown up and lost what makes them special, while others struggle to find their place in the world. How will they be allowed to feel human emotion while being viewed as something inhuman or evil? I ask myself this question every time I write about my art.

I am drawn, fervently, to seek understanding. My characters, beloved extensions of me, have been developed to tackle specific problems such as platonic relationships, navigating “embarrassing” personal interests, mental health and more. Each piece of art in this show partakes in the theme of overcoming problems as a group, aiming to conclude with the outcome of least pain. I know there will be sacrifices, and so do they. Reality and fantasy are richest when there are obstacles to overcome and a great, looming, impassable beast blocks their paths. May they work together and bring the truth to the surface regardless of who is left behind.