Spring 2025 Enrollment Steps

Students entering in the Spring semester should complete and submit required enrollment forms as soon as possible preferably by December 8, 2023, or on the date of deposit if after the deadline.

The sooner you complete the enrollment forms, the better! Questions? Contact admission@ehc.edu.

  1. E&H Email Address: After you submit your enrollment deposit, an E&H email account is created for you and you’ll receive an email at the address on your admissions application which will include login information. Login information expires after 90 days and you must complete all steps including the challenge questions and one-time passcode options to ensure you can access your account. Check this email frequently for updates.

  2. Complete Financial Aid Requirements: All financial aid requirements must be finalized at Financial Aid Student Self-Service. For questions, contact ehfinaid@ehc.edu.
    1. File FAFSA: All students should file FAFSA at studentaid.gov. If not intending to file FAFSA, please notify the Office of Financial Aid at ehfinaid@ehc.edu. 
    2. File VTAG if residing in Virginia. www.ehc.edu/vtag
  3. Send Final Transcripts: Send final transcript(s) for any college coursework you have taken such as Dual Credit/Enrollment to Emory & Henry College, Office of Admissions preferably by email at admission@ehc.edu. Sending final transcripts allows you to schedule an advising meeting with an academic advisor to enroll in classes. Mail is also accepted to Emory & Henry Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 947, Emory, Virginia, 24327. 
  4. Send AP Test Scores: On AP test date, designate Emory & Henry College to receive your AP test scores on the answer sheet. Or, send scores from your College Board online account. Scores are typically available in early July from APscore.org
  5. Take the World Language Placement Test (if applicable*)
    Have you ever taken Spanish, French or German? Would you like to test out of the two-semester E&H language requirement? Or, do you feel ready to take intermediate or advanced world language classes?

    *If you have already completed college-level coursework in a world language, with a grade of C or higher, and are able to submit a transcript, you do not have to complete this test. Or, if you have never taken a world language in high school, you don’t have to take this test. 

  6. Complete the Spring Orientation Registration Form: Spring Orientation will take place online from January 2-5, 2024, or in person on January 6. Classes will begin Monday, January 8, for the spring semester. Students should register for orientation, send final transcripts and take the world language placement test (if applicable) prior to meeting with their academic advisor. Register for Spring 2024 Orientation here.
  7. Meet Academic Advisor and Register for Classes: Check your E&H email for an email from Sam Davis sbdavis@ehc.edu to schedule an advising appointment to register for classes.
  8. Get Textbooks and Course Materials: Once advising is completed and students have course schedules, log in to the textbook store at https://ehc.textbookx.com to find course materials and required textbooks. Please order textbooks and materials in advance to have course materials in time for the first day of classes. If you need to ship to campus, please follow the instructions for campus mail.
  9. Complete the Housing Form—Residential students need to complete the Housing Agreement & Residence Life Form
      1. Students requesting to live off-campus as commuters should complete the Off-Campus Housing Application to request to live off-campus. For questions regarding eligibility, contact housing@ehc.edu or your admissions counselor.
      2. You will find this Housing Agreement when you log on to MyHub and select Student Life at the top of the form. In order to begin your application, you must click the “next” button at the bottom of the form. The tabs on the left will help guide you through the Housing Agreement process. Once you have finished a page and moved to the next, the previous page will be saved with the information provided. Make sure you complete all sections.
      3. Students will be assigned to freshman housing (Hickory, Elm, or Wiley Jackson)
  10. Complete Emergency Contact Form: Emergency Contact Information Form (student must be logged in to the ehc.edu email account to access)
  11. Indicate Proxy Access: (optional) Login to portal.ehc.edu and click on Access College Software in the upper right, then choose MyHub. Choose the ‘Students’ tab and then on the left menu ‘Parent Proxy.’ Complete the form and submit it. Proxy access enables a third party to view a student’s account such as a parent or guardian. This does not grant access to the student’s E&H email account.
    Parent Proxy
  12. Register a Vehicle to Park on Campus: For students bringing a vehicle to campus, login to portal.ehc.edu and click on Access College Software in the upper right, then choose the MyHub application. Go to the ‘Students’ tab and scroll down to ‘My Vehicle Information’ to complete and submit the form.
    Vehicle Registration
    1. Vehicle Waiver Form For students choosing to not bring a vehicle to campus, log in to your campus @ehc.edu email to complete the form to ensure vehicle registration charges are removed from your bill.)
  13. Complete the Promissory Note: Promissory Note Please complete and return this form to Sara Hansen in the Business Office. You may complete it digitally and email it to Sara Hansen at shansen@ehc.edu, or scan and email it or print and complete and mail it to Emory & Henry College, Business Office, Attn: Sara Hansen, P.O. Box 947, Emory, Virginia 24327. Forms will also be available to complete at check-in.
  14. Complete the Medical Form: E&H Immunization Record and Medical Information Form (“Medical Form,” 6-pages, printed)

    To Complete the “Medical Form”…
    Make an appointment with your primary care provider for a physical evaluation and bring this form along for your provider to help complete.
    Complete all six pages.
    Tetanus booster must be within the past 10 years.
    The student needs to sign pages 1, 2 and 6 (or guardian will sign page 6 if the student is under 18).
    The provider needs to sign pages 2, 3 and 5.
    Once completed, mail your medical form to:
    Office of Admission, Emory & Henry College, P.O. Box 947, Emory, VA 24327
    Or, fax directly: Emory & Henry College, Health Center • Fax: 276-944-6666

  15. Health insurance is strongly recommended for all undergraduate students at Emory & Henry College. Private Health Insurance is required for School of Health Sciences graduate students, varsity athletes, and students in several Affinity Programs including Cheer and Dance, Equestrian riders, Outdoor Programs and Rugby. International Students must have a U.S.-accepted policy. Visit the Health Center Insurance page for more information.
  16. Student Accounts / Bills: Students may log in to myhub.ehc.edu to view their financial student account for the spring semester after advising is completed and students have registered for courses. Statements will be finalized by early to mid-December for the spring semester after students complete academic advising and have a course schedule. Statements will not be mailed. Complete all of the above steps to ensure you have the most accurate statement as billing takes into consideration many factors such as your acceptance of financial aid, housing, meal plan, health insurance, etc. Students may designate Proxy Access to Parents/Guardians to assist with viewing and paying their account. 
  17. Pay or Make Arrangements to Pay Student Account: Enroll in a  Tuition Payment Plan if needed and complete all payment arrangements for tuition, housing, and meal plans before the first day of the semester.

Are you a recruited varsity athlete?

  1. Complete Student-Athlete Online Forms and submit the completed “Medical Form” (above) and other needed information. Contact the athletics office or your coach about other requirements for your team or call 276.944.6233 with any questions.

*Does not apply to club sport athlete participants.