Ronald Woodward

Turf Specialist Facilities

Even if you don’t know Ronnie by name, you are likely to recognize him from seeing him often and consistently on a lawn mower. He is particularly meticulous about how he cares for the E&H golf course – Lynch Links, named for E&H alumnus Charles Lynch (’42). Mr. Lynch gave a gift that sustains the golf course still today. 

More recently, Ronnie Woodward has been showing off his skills as a creator of putting greens. Recent construction required the disruption of the old layout, and when it was time to relocate a green Ronnie took on the job. Everyone agrees that it is not only a great-looking green, but it is a gift to the college that Ronnie knew how to do the work so masterfully. Also, no one seems to understand how he got the grass to grow so quickly!

Ronnie was recently honored with a Blue and Gold Service Award. He was elected for the honor by the College’s Staff Affairs Council and the award was presented by President Jake B. Schrum.

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