Rachel Alatorre

“Every animal is a gateway to the phenomenal world of the human spirit. What most fail to realize is that what they think of animals reflects the way they think of themselves.” – Ted Andrews, Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small

The study of signs’ correlation with human behavior, known as semiology, is an integral part of my creative processes and final product. I spend much of my time researching and studying a variety of cultural understandings of artistic and natural elements through their histories and folklore. Semiology philosophies and theories focus on the concept of collective communication in which emotions, ideas, and events are effectively understood. It is this subconscious comprehensiveness I attempt to tap into through Wild Wisdom.

Many symbolisms are rooted in basic forms of nature, animals, colors, and shapes and come to in a variety of stories and arts. Storytelling and the use of animals and nature through creative expression captivated me when I was an infant, and thereafter I became obsessed with 2D animation, illustration, and zoology. My focus is intertwining references to traditional folklore revolving around animals by utilizing symbols and colors from a variety of cultures in my cards.

Ancient knowledge can reach through an animal medicine symbol and encourage emotional, mental, and spiritual growth and healing. Such symbols can stem from a variety of cultures and reach into the psychological, historical, and spiritual roots of an individual’s understanding. Despite the differences in civilizations, there continues to be the intrinsic knowledge of what they utilize and preach that ascends borders and bone, which is encapsulated within the realm of semiology: animals and nature. Graphic design allows me to explore these concepts creatively with the goal of positively influencing others through the ancient practice of animal medicine cards.