Jasmine Wiles

I am a daughter. A daughter of a father. A daughter of The Father. My exhibition explores the

Christian belief of the resemblance of a worldly father and The Godly Father. I strive for each viewer to connect and understand if they have a relationship with both, one, or neither, and how that affects their view of a father based on my understanding of what a father is to me. To me, a father is true love, guidance, and protection, yet each individual has a unique perception of fatherly love. I compare a divine spiritual love to the responsibility of a father on earth. My work investigates the use of colors and symbols, for example: red in Look Up (Deceiving) and others represents temptation and evil, the birds in Open Arms represent reflection and the holy spirit, and I also make use of the gold chain in two works to represent distraction and comparison. I explore how earthly ephemeral love and spiritual everlasting love differ, but are also similar.

Through a combination of sculpture and painting, I strive to depict a visual story for viewers to see not only the beautiful gifts of a father, but the baggage that some may have to bury in order to fulfill that role. The intricacy and sophistication of fatherhood and masculinity are sometimes overlooked - which is why I seek to bring it to light. I sought to create a multitude of narratives that dissect fatherly love through the observation of my father’s, fatherly figures in my life, one’s closest to me, and my own experiences. A father’s responsibility to themselves as well as the privilege to raise a child are nonetheless demanding. Despite any fathers’ shortcomings, I want the viewer to see that fatherhood is a culmination of all histories, relationships, spiritual awareness, childhood experiences and/or lack thereof.

When creating my artwork, I consider possible trials and tribulations that fathers undergo or could face. I believe The Lord allowing a worldly man to father a child of God is a blessing beyond comprehension. I reflect on the blessing of having a worldly and Heavenly Father, as well as other strong fatherly figures. Some trials described in my work are temptation, conviction, distraction, and comparison - all rooting from a separation from the Lord’s path. My work displays my belief of how a father as well as a daughter can go astray from the path of the Lord, but our Godly father will lead without deception and only in righteousness.