Sue Thompason Hubble

Class of 1969 Written by Monica Hoel

Sue Thompson Hubble (E&H ’69) just retired from a life of service to the United Methodist Church. On January 31, she was embraced by the congregation at Dublin United Methodist Church for almost 40 years of service to that church. Previously she served State Street UMC in Bristol and St. Paul UMC in Wytheville. She was hired to work at Dublin by Rev. Henry Holt (E&H ’54, deceased).

Current Dublin UMC pastor, Rev. Don Hanshew (E&H ’96) delivered a sermon about the fruits of the spirits (Galatians 5:22-23) to make a point that Sue’s influence on her church and her community  had been fruitful in all the ways we are called to be so. His children’s sermon reminded the youngest congregation members to leave a lasting, positive imprint on those around them – the way Sue has.

After church, Sue’s family members and congregation members gathered to tell stories and laugh.  Never afraid to be the subject of the joke, Sue even told a story on herself about her first staff meeting at State Street when they were discussing a Bible study on “euthanasia” – and she listened awhile before asking what the “youth in Asia” had to do with end-of-life decisions. Rev. Hanshew said, “It’s not that Sue is perfect…she is one of us…and she has loved us through our imperfections the way we have loved her through hers.”

Church members were eager to let Sue know much she was appreciated. Former DUMC member Monica Hoel (E&H ’85) noted that Sue’s long career at DUMC had made her an integral figure in the lives of several generations of church members. “I met Sue when I was I was a kid, and I always tell people that she helped raise me. And no matter how old I get, I still go to Sue for guidance.” Beth Howe Ratcliffe (E&H ’85), still a member of DUMC said, “Susie has been there for every good and bad thing that has happened in our family. She is always there for anything we need. She’s family.”

Sue was gracious in her acceptance of the accolades, telling the congregation, “I’ve seen God in each of you, and I’ve experienced heaven on this earth.”

“I’ve seen God in each of you, and I’ve experienced heaven on this earth.”