Kallie Scott Metz

Class of 2015


“Ut prosim” (that I may serve) has been Kallie’s life motto as long as she could remember and has been a driving force in her academic and career goals. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology on the Pre–Med track, she is currently attending the School of Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University to pursue a M.D. She said, “I chose to pursue a [undergraduate] degree in behavioral science because I enjoyed the humanistic approach that it provided to my medical interests—fulfilling my desire to understand both the personal/psychological and healthcare needs of my future patients.” Kallie’s passion for patient care can be seen in her Honors thesis research on the “Presentation of Disease Information in Genetic Testing,” which examines the “effects of disease information presentation, specifically treatability and genetic predictability information, on patients’ decision–making in determining whether or not to receive the results of incidental findings from new–generation genomic testing.” 

During her time at Emory & Henry, Kallie served as both a Resident Advisor and Head Resident Advisor in campus housing and as president of the Residence Hall Association. In addition, she was involved in multiple national honors societies including Psi Chi, Cardinal Key, and Phi Eta Sigma. As a member of the Psi Chi Psychology National Honors Society, she presented some of her research at the SEPA Annual Conference in 2014 and was one of sixteen projects to be awarded a Psi Chi Regional Research Award. During what little free time she has, Kallie says she enjoys all things related to summer—afternoon thunderstorms, beach trips, cookouts, fireflies, hammock reading/napping, family get–togethers, traveling, and roller coasters. 

“At the end of my life I want to be able to say I’ve made a difference in the world through the impact I’ve had on those around me.…Medicine is the avenue through which I hope to make my mark on the world.
— Kallie Scott ’15

Extracurricular Activities:

Resident Advisor, Head Resident Advisor, Psi Chi, Cardinal Key, Phi Eta Sigma

Q: What was your most memorable experience in the Honors Program?
Some of my most memorable experiences with the Honors Program were during my cohort’s trip to New York City. While there are a number of unforgettable class discussions and debates, the NYC trip gave me the opportunity to get to know my cohort members, and for them to get to know me, beyond the classroom. From exploring “Sleep No More” and visiting Broadway, to the time Mary Grace and I got lost trying to find our subway stop and ended up finding an adorable little consignment shop tucked away on a side street—and who can forget Kaitlyn’s Perry the Platypus!—I believe these non–academic explorations and interactions truly helped to strengthen our cohort.




Hillsville, AL