Justin Oliverio

Justin Oliverio - Attorney, Atlanta, GA

Graduate Degree:  Juris Doctor, Mercer University School of Law

“Once you start seeing the world as an advocate for social justice, you can’t go back.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  If you have the passion for social justice, change, and world peace, it’s a path that you can’t avoid.  You shouldn’t.  Dreams are meant to be aggressively pursued…What I didn’t realize when I was in, and recently out, of college was that this pursuit is taxing: mentally, physically, and emotionally…Anyone interested in social change will be motivated to spend their time and energy helping others; that fire is in you.  My advice would be to make sure you are spending as much time taking care of yourself and enjoying all the great experiences life has to offer along the way.”

  • Justin Oliverio


Atlanta, Georgia