Lillian Minnix

Class of 2015 Written by Monica Hoel

Lillian Minix (E&H ’15) is the full-time graphic and web coding designer for the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council in Roanoke, Virginia.  She takes care of the print and web design for the organization’s 36 Virginia counties – ranging from Culpeper to Grayson. She creates logos, posters, flyers and any other graphic need. Additionally, she manages the Council’s four website media accounts, using Salesforce, Wordpress, and Adobe Experience Manager.

Lillian says her days as an E&H student got her ready for all the new challenges of a busy job. “Emory & Henry prepared me well beyond what I could have ever imagined for my current role in society. The Arts Department at Emory helped me focus my talents in graphic design and motivate me to pursue countless internships that still impact my day-to-day life. The Philosophy Department helped me healthily question knowledge I had of myself and apply it to my arts career. My general courses at Emory taught me life guidance in handling moral dilemmas, dealing with peers’ idiosyncrasies, knowing when to stand your ground, and getting away with sneakily dozing off at your desk. Emory and the people it harbors are great. I could try to find some lengthy way to phrase how awesome it is, but that’s not necessary. I’m more than grateful for each one of my experiences at Emory and I’m absolutely honored to call it my alma mater and look forward to each visit as an alumna.”

In addition to all the great work experience, Lillian has had one more exciting perk from the job. “I also had the opportunity to join the Girl Scouts as an adult member!”