Marissa Marcus

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Acting and Psychology


Marissa is a member of the Honors cohort of 2019 with a double major in Acting and Psychology. She has three dreams: she would like to go on to graduate school after E&H to become a practicing clinical psychologist, she wants to hone her craft and become a professional actor, and she wants to live in a world where those two goals can be achieved at the exact same time.


Q: What advice do you have for a first-year Honors Scholar?

A: Don’t ever feel like what you have to say is unimportant or unintelligible, particularly in discussion-based classes.  Your knowledge base and your perspective on the world are uniquely yours and everyone has something to learn from you just as you have something to learn from everyone else.  


Q: Why did you choose Emory & Henry College?
A: I chose Emory & Henry because I wanted a liberal arts experience and the chance to pursue two very different degrees. Most importantly, Emory & Henry College’s theatre department was expanding and becoming bigger and better than ever when I enrolled.  Through their program, I get the benefits of a small school, such as more opportunities to perform and more personal training.  At the same time, their professionalism and commitment to this art form help maintain the atmosphere of a larger conservatory. 


Q: How has your involvement in the Honors Program influenced your experience at Emory & Henry? Was Emory & Henry your first choice?
A: I solidified my decision to attend Emory & Henry College the moment after I received a phone call that I was accepted into the Honors Program. The Honors Program has influenced my experience at the college in the sense that it has given me the opportunity to interact with a community of people who want to learn as much as I do about anything and everything.  Simply having a casual conversation with these insightful individuals has often given me a brand new perspective of the world and introduced me to unfamiliar concepts and issues.  While we all have different interests, we are all very passionate and strive for excellence in our fields and that creates a very inspirational environment to learn and grow in.


Q: What is one of your most memorable experiences at Emory & Henry?
A: So far, my most memorable experience at Emory & Henry has been my first main stage production as a first-year.  It was so surreal to be cast as a first-year and have the privilege of being the first cast to perform a show on the brand new main stage.  All of my best memories are from performing on the main stage and in the black box theatre. The MCA is truly a wonderful place to perform and learn about myself and my craft.    


Q: What is the Honors Program to you?
A: The Honors Program, to me, has been a great way to explore topics I am passionate about, even though they do not pertain to my major.  It has also provided me with a study abroad opportunity that I may not have had otherwise.  Most importantly, knowing that I am an Honors Scholar, reminds me that I have what it takes to pursue both of these very difficult degrees and motivates me to do exceptional work academically.  

  • Marissa Marcus
    Marissa Marcus