International Studies and Business- B.S.


To provide students with a professional education and an understanding of the political, economic, and cultural complexities in the world. To prepare students for careers in business, journalism, diplomacy, international law, or public policy.


SUPPORT                                 34
MGMT 320 Issues in International Management 3
One course from:  3
ECON 322 International Trade
INST 223X International Political Economy
INST 105X Introduction to International Relations  3
One course from:    3
INST 450 Senior Seminar
ASIA 460 Independent Study
EUST 460 Independent Study
MEIS 460 Independent Study
Total  46
Contextual and Support 12
Four courses (at least two at the 300 level or above) from:*   12
POLS 215 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 216 Politics of Decision Making
POLS 225 Comparative Politics in the Middle East
POLS 245 Comparative Politics of Asia
POLS 255 Politics of Latin America
POLS314 National and International Security
POLS 328 Comparative Immigration
POLS 329 Democracy and Democratization
POLS 337 Women and Politics
*Other courses with a heavy international component can be substituted with
advisor’s approval.
Foreign Language Minimum of four courses in a foreign language. Students who wish to study aforeign language not offered at Emory & Henry can do so at cooperating
institutions either in the United States or abroad.

Degree Type and Level

B.S. - Bachelor of Science


  • Departments: Business Administration
  • International and Area Studies