Lyceum Program


Encountering the liberal arts through engaging events on campus.

Lyceum Announcement for Fall 2020

In light of the pandemic cancelling many Lyceum events such as music and theater events, Arttalks, and special guest visits to campus, the College has decided to award all students with 5 Lyceum credits for the Fall 2020 semester. Therefore, you will not fall behind in Lyceum credits if you choose not to participate in any virtual Lyceum events. 

A limited number of virtual Lyceum events will still be held, beginning the second week of classes. All students will be able to find information and Zoom links to talks in their Lyceum Moodle course. Watch for weekly emails from E&H News, announcing the week’s virtual Lyceum events. The Lyceum Moodle course will open to students at some point closer to the start of classes. You do not have to complete all activities in this “course”. Please, however, always log into virtual Lyceum events through Moodle, using your Emory & Henry login credentials, so that a record of your participation is created there. 

Participation in each of these virtual Lyceum events will count toward your graduation requirements.


Each year, Emory & Henry features close to 100 concerts, lectures, theatre and dance performances, films, exhibits, and poetry readings that help to complete your academic experience. The vast majority of these events are part of the college’s popular Lyceum program.  In addition, we host a literary festival and several endowed lecture series.

E&H students:

You are admitted free to all events with the exception of Barter Theatre plays, for which your ticket price is discounted (*see note below about using your student discount for Barter tickets). You must present your E&H ID (or other photo identification) both before and after each on-campus event for which you want Lyceum credit. When attending eligible Arts Array films at the Cinemall or plays at the Barter Theatre, you must scan your ID card with the E&H faculty/staff member who is present. 

Instructions on how to propose a Lyceum Event:

1. Identify a faculty member or administrator who will be your Lyceum’s “sponsor.”  This does not imply that they have to fund anything, just that they will be your employee point person and vouch for the Lyceum-worthiness of the event.
2. You and your faculty/administrator sponsor, find a date that works for the invited guest and is not taken yet on the Lyceum calendar.  Go to and click on Calendars.  Select the Lyceum Calendar.  Whatever dates not taken on there are likely still available. (The calendar is regularly updated.)  Pick a date or two, and email Ms. Shannon Patterson ( to ask to reserve it.  She will ask you if a location on campus has been reserved.  
3. Therefore, simultaneously, ask to reserve a space on campus for your event.  A list of Reservation Contacts for various E&H Facilities is included below.
  • Classrooms, lobbies and auditoriums in academic buildings:  Marywood Sparks x 6201
  • King Center: Anne Crutchfield  x 6233
  • Van Dyke, Martin-Brock, Alumni House, Tobias Smith, Byars: Teresa Wood x 6242
  • Chapel: Mary K. Briggs x 6836
  • McGlothlin Center for the Arts: Will Hankins x 6816

Room Recommendations 

Given that Lyceums are advertised and are open to all students (and others as well), use of a room with fewer than 100 seats is not recommended.  Based on your selection, submit a detailed request for tech support with Beth White at ext. 6690 or or the IT Help Desk at ext. 6881.  

Lyceum Times

Usual Lyceum time-slots are weekdays at 4:30 and 7:30 pm; other standard options are Tuesday or Thursday at 12:30 pm, and Sunday at 3 pm. If a non-standard time is proposed, specific justification must be given. Lyceums are not booked concurrently, except when one will be repeated (e.g., a theatre production). Lyceums are not held during Sunday services in the Chapel.
4. Have your faculty/administrator sponsor fill out a Lyceum Proposal form (Google form below) to submit your event.  

E&H Faculty/Administrator:  Fill out the Lyceum Proposal Form.

The proposal form MUST be filled out by your faculty/administrator sponsor.  Proposal forms from student email accounts will not be considered.  Only the electronic form is needed if your proposal is turned in before the deadline. 

Lyceum proposals for Spring semester are due Dec. 1st. at 12 noon.  Fall proposals are due on May 1st at noon. If you would like to submit a proposal after the deadline:  Fill out the Lyceum Exemption Form. A hard copy with signatures of all Lyceum Committee members MUST be submitted to Jamie Ferguson. Electronic copies will not be accepted.

Committee members 2020-2021: Lisa Withers, James Dawsey, Jamie Ferguson, Michael Lane, Ed Davis, and Sharon Wright.


Ask Professor Ferguson (phone x6558, MS Hall 313,