For information about ways to support the McGlothlin Center for the Arts, please contact Emory & Henry's Office of Institutional Advancement at 276-944-6125 or email t?i.5[W-U2XhT]#[g%Swwr9p5?=MJ.

   Give Now!  

Alternative Ways to Give to the McGlothlin Center for the Arts

Please Note: If using an alternate gift method listed below, please clearly indicate to us that you intend for your gift to go to the Woodrow McGlothlin Center for the Arts
  •  Monthly Draft

    Alumni and friends of the College can establish automatic, monthly gifts to be made to the College from their credit or debit card and continue to make a larger annual contribution to Emory & Henry each year. To make a monthly gift, click here. For more information about the monthly draft process, contact Janet Pippin or by phone toll-free at 877.220.0341.
  •  By Mail

    To make a gift by mail, send a check or money order payable to Emory & Henry College to:

    Office of Institutional Advancement
    Emory & Henry College
    P.O. Box 950
    Emory, VA 24327

  •  By Phone

    Credit and debit card gifts can be made to the College between 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday by calling the Office of Institutional Advancement toll-free at 877.220.0342.
  •  Estate Gifts

    Estate planning is not only a great way to support the College, but it is also smart planning for your family. Read more about estate gifts here, or contact Greg McMillan: F3X`._qKNDy6\#OL1]#[*{8NrL^&9[_y@41-%
  •  Stock Gifts

    If you have appreciated stock, it is easy to make a gift to Emory & Henry that will have favorable tax treatment. For example, a donor who gives a gift of common stock, held longer than one year, avoids capital gains taxation on the transfer, and the full value of the contribution goes to the College. The donor is able to take a charitable deduction using the full value of the gift and can claim up to 30 percent of adjusted gross income (AGI) in the year the gift is made with up to five years to absorb the full deduction under the AGI ceiling.

    How to Make a Stock Transfer:

    Electronically Transferring Stock – The preferred, easiest, and fastest way to make a transfer of stock is electronically. Please contact Wells Fargo Advisors at the address below. In addition, please inform Emory & Henry's Office of Institutional Advancement of the type of stock to be transferred and either the number of shares to be transferred or the approximate value of the stock. The date of the gift will be the date of the transfer, and the value will be the mean value of the stock on the date of the gift.
    DTC #: 0141
    Account Name: Emory & Henry College
    Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

    Attn: Sonny Porterfield
    203 Broyles Drive, Suite 200
    Johnson City, TN 37601-2543
    Telephone: 423-722-2016 OR Toll-Free 800-223-3958
    Fax: 423-283-4859
    Email: A]mtl9p.kcCPBd\7X@N^}TrY|/j38`[o*+Ea-wsO]#[1M\cfFax^X!C!NB~9WFDjAf@^|R}tERYxv4U6[c9
    Transferring Stock Certificates by Mail – Please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 276-944-6119 for more information.
  •  Gifts in Kind

    Non-monetary gifts such as antiques, book collections, artwork or other tangible items are often acceptable “in-kind” donations to the College and may qualify as tax-deductible gifts. Donations of services, however, do not qualify as being tax-deductible. For more information on making a gift in-kind to the College, please contact the E&H Advancement Office at 276-944-6540 or @?}^dLsj8iz!K0]#[-|fTSA0P{M&e+$.
  •  Matching Gifts

    Many employers offer a matching gift benefit for employees' (current or retired) charitable donations. Asking your employer to match your gift to the College increases your donation to the College. To make a matching gift, request the paperwork from your Human Resources department and send the signed forms to:
    Office of Institutional Advancement
    Emory & Henry College
    P.O. Box 950
    Emory, VA 24327
  •  Memorial Gifts

    The College is pleased to accept gifts made in memoriam. Unless otherwise accepted through special arrangement, such gifts will be designated to the Emory & Henry (annual) Fund to be expended at the discretion of the College for its highest and best use.