Concerns: artworks by George Lorio

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McGlothlin Center for the Arts — 30481 Garnand Dr.

George Lorio incorporates toys within his sculptures, forming them into a narrative of social concern. His images subtly arouse awareness with visual prods into issues related to class, immigration, gun control, political discourse, and ecology. Using a visual language derived from an observation of toys of a modernist persuasion where an essential function is apparent, he recently developed a series of sculptures, which poignantly comment on adult concerns in the guise of ironic constructions of found playthings. Initially viewed as benign implements of childhood entertainment, that seduction moves the adult viewer to consider the metaphoric use of the toy. Lorio sees toys as abstractions of grown-up possessions, professions, or spaces, which are to provide children role models. Employing constructed and found forms, his sculpted and assembled works become poetic allusions incorporating the recognizable attributes of natural manufactured objects.

Main Stage Theatre. This artalk is free and open to the public. 

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