Legends of the Arts

On April 8, 2022, the McGlothlin Center for the Arts honored the individuals who helped lay the foundations for the arts at Emory & Henry College. What started as courses or programs has grown into the three departments making up the current Division of Visual and Performing Arts at Emory & Henry – art, music, and theatre.

Emory & Henry Salutes ‘Legends of the Arts’ with Memorable Performances

With stirring performances and other memorable moments Emory & Henry College and the McGlothlin Center for the Arts paid tribute to the six founders of the the visual and performing arts at Emory & Henry.

During a “Legends of the Arts” gala on April 8, the College honored Marius Blesi, theatre; George Chavatel, visual art; Charles “Chick” Davis, vocal music; Alan Pickrell, theatre; Alys Sikorski, instrumental music; and Ludwik Sikorski, instrumental music.

“The event was a magical evening that touched the hearts of all who experienced it,” said Dirk Moore, the executive director of the McGlothlin Center. “It was a heart-swelling moment that demonstrated the passion that our community has for these six amazing legends.”

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