Beatrix Ost and Michelle Gagliano

I Could Have Been a Tree Instead, mixed media, 2023

Beatrix Ost and Michelle Gagliano:
in partnership with the William King Museum of Art

Feb. 12, 2024 to Mar. 9, 2024
Artalk: Feb. 12, 2024 at 7:30 p.m.

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Curatorial Statement

Beatrix Ost: The Boy in the Treeearth, gold leaf, oil paint, 60x 60, 2023 Beatrix Ost: The Boy in the Tree
earth, gold leaf, oil paint, 60”x 60”, 2023
In the midst of a pandemic, artists Michelle Gagliano and Beatrix Ost embark on a collaborative journey. They are inspired by each other’s narratives and engage in a “call and response” akin to jazz music. Their collaboration yields multiple works, combining various materials, such as oil paint, pigments, solvents and gessoes. The artists consciously address the scarcity of female artist collaborations in recent decades and eagerly engage in a “conversation” through the shared canvas and their individual pieces. Ost’s profound worlds exploring the human condition intersect with Gagliano’s abstracted landscapes evoking a sense of place and displacement. Together their narratives forge a path where abstract meets surrealism, fostering a connection on the canvas.

Michelle Gagliano: Apollo handmade oils on panel, 36 x 36, 2022 Michelle Gagliano: Apollo
handmade oils on panel, 36” x 36”, 2022

Artist Bios

Beatrix Ost is an artist, writer, fashion designer, and ambassador of peace. She has written screenplays, produced movies and theater, and acted in films and on the stage. After arriving in New York from Germany as a young adult, Ost quickly became an art and fashion icon–remaining an influential and acclaimed luminary in both worlds today. She splits her time between Charlottesville, Virginia, and New York City.

Michelle Gagliano was born in Jamestown, New York, in 1964; Gagliano graduated with her M.F.A. at the American University in Washington D.C. Beyond her home state of Virginia, Gagliano has permeated the American art scene with extensive solo exhibitions and curated group shows throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Her works continue to be curated into major private and corporate collections,