Lawless Finds Success Through Social Media

Posted on: Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 by Brent Treash

Caroline Lawless is getting it right.

She is the Art Director of FAULT (a fashion and culture magazine based in the U.K.), and she is an assistant art director at Pace (a company described as being at the forefront for custom content publishing). She is writing, she is traveling, she is doing 3-D content design, and she is showing the world how to succeed in this age of new media.

And it started by following a Facebook page.

Caroline, a 2011 graduate, had been following FAULT’s Facebook page, and during the spring semester of her senior year she noticed in her news feed that FAULT was looking for interns who could write weekly blog posts on subjects like fashion, art, and music. With a major in art and graphic design and a minor in creative writing, Caroline knew she was up to the challenge. She submitted a few samples of her writing, and in short order she received an email from the publishing director asking her to join the team.

This quickly turned into an internship where she was posting blog entries three to four times a week. In 2012, when there was an opening for an art director, they asked Caroline if she knew anyone who would be a good fit for the job. Not one to miss an opportunity, she sent him her own design portfolio, and now she is their art director! She was given the opportunity to lead a complete redesign of the magazine and recently got to travel to their London headquarters.

Her work for FAULT is all freelance. Her work with Pace is actually what she calls her “nine-to-five” job. Pace has four offices in the U.S. (North Carolina, Arkansas, New York, and Texas), and Caroline works in the Greensboro office. Since August of 2012 she has been part of the “Walmart team” publishing Walmart World—a monthly internal communications magazine specifically for Walmart associates.

But if you’re thinking this might be just a job publishing a company newsletter … think again. Caroline is enthusiastic about her work with Pace because of the experience she is getting in the relatively new realm of designing for tablet users. She says it is a different way of thinking. “Because print—in the eyes of some—is slowly but surely becoming a dying medium, it’s important for young designers to know how to work in both the 2-D and the 3-D realms. Learning how to effectively translate print layouts into a digital space (like an iPad) has been an amazing journey. Unlike a printed magazine, an iPad magazine is made of layer upon layer of interactive elements—hence the importance of being able to think three-dimensionally as a designer.”

She goes on to say that you can’t stop at just an interactive magazine. “…You have to seek out readers everywhere they interact online, from Facebook and Pinterest to Instagram and Tumblr.” And since Caroline got started on this journey by being a savvy Facebook user, she should know.

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