First-Year Advising

We’re so excited you’ve joined the Emory & Henry family.

The Office of First-Year Advising is here to make sure your journey at Emory & Henry begins with a strong start.  Your advisor is available to help you discuss academic and career goals, build your course schedules, and help you navigate life as a new college student.  Your advisor will build a relationship with you and will serve as a primary resource for you during your first year. Welcome, and let’s get started!

Emory and Henry student in class.

E&H students measure the number and diversity of stream dwellers to assess water quality.

Who is my first-year advisor?

That’s a good question! Your first-year advisor is determined by the section of CORE 100 in which you’re enrolled.  Your advisor will also work closely with your professor in that course to ensure a seamless transition to college life and academic success.

Check below to see which advisor is associated with your CORE 100 section, and then find our contact information on the left side of this page. Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

For the 2020-2021 academic year:

If you’re in this class… Your advisor is…

“Activism and the Arts: Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts and the Vital Work of Social Change” with Dr. Kelly Bremner

Emily Lockhart

“Banned Books: Controversy and Censorship” with Prof. Travis Proffitt

Dr. Jennifer Krause
“Exploring Appalachian Civic Identity” with Prof. Scott Sikes Fred George
“Food and Place” with Dr. Ed Davis David Jackson
(Honors Cohort) “Mind Control” with Prof. Mary Ellis Rice Dr. Scott Boltwood
“Knowing Places, Knowing Ourselves” with Dr. Nicole Drewitz-Crockett Travis Proffitt
“Move It or Lose It” with Prof. Beth Funkhouser Travis Proffitt
“Myth” with Dr. Jack Wells Fred George
“Navigating Morals in the Age of Technology” with Dr. Eric Grossman Dr. Jennifer Krause
“Outbreak: Pandemics and Epidemics” with Dr. Jake Bova Jolie Lewis
“Racial Identity in Context” with Dr. Jerry Jones Dr. Jennifer Krause
“Reel to Real: The Portrayal of Stereotypes in TV and Film” with Prof. Sam Amos Travis Proffitt

“Sport, Physical Culture, Physical Literacy, and Identity” with Dr. Rebecca Buchanan

David Jackson

“You Say You Want a Revolution” with Dr. Sarah Fisher

Fred George

“Unheard and Unknown: The Peopling of American Memory” with Dr. Tal Stanley

Emily Lockhart