Earn college credit while hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Make Your Education an Adventure of a Lifetime

Get to know the Hikers

The Semester-A-Trail Program is a unique opportunity for students who seek a learning experience that goes well beyond the classroom. Students in the program earn college credit while attempting a thru-hike or long section hike of the Appalachian Trail. The experience offers students a synthesis of academic learning and outdoor adventure in an intensive, goal-oriented journey, immersing students in real-world competencies and challenges that build skills that last a lifetime.

“The Semester-A-Trail provides an excellent opportunity for meshing academic learning with a big experiential journey, a very physical journey that connects learning and growth to life.”  — Jim Harrison.

The Semester-A-Trail Program offers students the opportunity to build independent studies and projects with broadened field-based implications. 

Beyond Academics, What’s Included?

  • Students in the Semester-A-Trail Program complete a wilderness first aid course
  • Students engage in immersive skill-building workshops and training
  • A complete thru-hiking kit is provided that includes top of the line backpacking gear and footwear
  • An on-trail hiking budget is provided
  • Program staff provide on-trail support for hikers
  • While on campus, students enjoy the College’s outdoor program facilities and activities


A student may transfer in from any college just for the Semester-A-Trail Program.  This option allows students to retain their enrollment privileges at their current academic institution while enjoying the benefits of being an E&H student.

Upon completion of the Semester-A-Trail, dual-enrollment students return to their institution of origin with the college credits earned during the Semester-A-Trail as quality transferable credits and newfound skills!

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