Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction

We offer two programs to help you succeed in individual classes: Supplemental Instructor and Tutoring.

Supplemental Instruction

We hire SIs (Supplemental Instructors) for classes that students often find challenging. The SI’s will attend class with you, take notes, and lead weekly sessions to review the material. Attending these SI sessions tends to have a great impact on grades, so ask your instructor if your course has an SI!


You can ask for tutoring in any class, at any time. If the course doesn’t have an SI, we will try to find a student who has taken that course to work with you individually or in small groups. If the course does have an SI and you are attending sessions, we’ll see if the SI can make time for additional tutoring.

Schedule a tutoring appointment using Penji.

For Fall 2021

Some tutoring sessions may be remote and conducted through Zoom for the fall semester.

  • Schedule your session at least one day in advance. (Same-day sessions may not be available as we need time to contact the tutor.)
  • Be specific about the class and topics you need help with (Ex. I need help with MATH 100 and calculating the slope of a line.)
  • If possible, identify specific questions and concepts you need to address (Have your book/notes/materials ready before the start of your session.)
  • Don’t see your subject? No problem! You can request a subject on the Penji platform!

Remote Learning Preparedness Checklist

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