Your privacy is important to us. 

Information shared with Counselors in the PRC is confidential and no information will be released beyond the Counselors without  written consent from the student.  Exceptions to this confidentiality policy are:

  1. When there is risk of imminent danger to self or others.
  2. When there is a suspicion that a child or vulnerable adult is being sexually or physically abused or is at risk of such abuse.
  3. If a court order subpoenas counseling records.
  4. Or as required by Virginia law.

All communication between a client and Counselors in the PRC  is confidential and will not, except under the circumstances explained above, be disclosed to anyone outside of Counseling Services unless written authorization to release information is given.  Counselors routinely consult and collaborate with other professionals in the PRC regarding student needs. However, Counselors do not disclose that students are receiving counseling services or any information disclosed in counseling sessions.  Written permission to exchange information is needed prior to sharing confidential information, except as noted above.