As Assistant Director of Electronic Communications, I currently handle all facets of Emory & Henry College's presence for publicly available digital materials, including our, MCA, Theatre, Transfer to E&H, and SHS family of websites—such as the Pre-Health, PA and OT Departments, and assist on other various sub-domains, such as I recently directed, managed, and helped execute the migration of Kelly Library webpages on to its own sub-domain:, a micro-site who's speed and simplicity I'm particularly proud of.

While I'm proud of those websites, I'm particularly fond of a recent 1-page microsite produced to promote our outdoor wilderness school for high school students — the E&H Summer Adventure Program. Check it out if you get a chance!
Explore Summer School and Adventure Programs and Camps at Emory & Henry College

I’ve been working with the web for over 11 years with in-depth experience developing, designing and delivering digital marketing material via the internet at a professional level. While I’d love to claim that I'm mostly self-taught outside of two basic Web classes in college, in reality I'm simply standing on the shoulders of giants like Chris Coyer, Andy Clark, Ethan Marcotte, Jeffery Feldman, Mike Monteiro and anyone who’s participated in answering web question on services like Stack Overflow. The reality is, I “community taught”, that is I learned the craft through research, experimentation, and examples laid out across the web by hard-working souls who comprise the web design and development community as a whole.

I love creating web sites and applications that are polished, standards based, user friendly & accessible. While I prefer to work in HTMLCSS and javascript, my solid foundation in PHPMySQL and Apache/NginX gives me flexibility in addressing and solving electronic development, design, & delivery obstacles.

Working on the web and in IT, one puts out fires all day long
Alot of my job involves putting out fires, like this guy.

My firm grasp on current web technologies pairs well with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Through the use of products such as Adobe's Creative Design Suite, I'm able to marry the design and coding processes to produce more efficient and productive designs for marketing and communication purposes. Paired with a wealth of print, typography and two-dimensional design knowledge, I'm frequently tasked with using all my knowledge and experience to design and produce solutions to communication problems, often crafting custom solutions that are simple and effective.

My family tree's roots are in the Appalachian Mountains, going back several generations throughout the Bland, Wythe, and Smyth County regions. I take great pride in my Appalachian Heritage and all the wonders that Southwest Virginia holds. While I've traveled across both ponds visiting Europe and Asia, I've found there is truly no place like home. As a proud member of the Emory & Henry College staff, I also take great pride in begin able to give back to the area that has given me so much.

In my spare time, I enjoy watercolor painting, studying design and emerging technologies, enjoying the great outdoors, and spending time with my wife and kids.

I enjoy the contrast in my life. Despite working with computers and tech on a daily basis, I still really enjoy getting back to my roots and the simple pleasures found in life—as this video that my wonderful wife created of our family making maple syrup demonstrates. Enjoy!

Educational Background

  • B.F.A. — Virginia Intermont College, 2006

Awards & Accolades

  • 2015 AAF Gold Addy: Microsite, 2015 Summer Adventure Program website
  • 2015 PRSA Award of Quality: Website: Summer Adventure Program at Emory & Henry College
  • 2014 PRSA Award of Quality: Summer Adventure Program at Emory & Henry College
  • 2014 AAF Silver Addy: Digital Advertising, 2015 Summer Adventure Program Email Campaign
  • 2009 AGDA by GD USA: Public Service, City of Kingsport, Tennessee 2009 CCR for Water Quality.
  • #1 National Award for Comic in High School Newspaper (out of 11k+ entries): 1996 CSPA — Columbia University, New York, NY