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Emory & Henry College is the college of choice each year for numerous students transferring from both community colleges and four-year programs. These transfer students recognize the College’s ability, through great teaching and a strong reputation, to advance them toward the future of their dreams. Plus, we make the process of transferring easy.

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Guaranteed Admission Agreements

If you’re a student at a two-year institution from Southwestern Virginia or East Tennessee, there’s a good chance that Emory & Henry has already made arrangements with your college to make the transfer process an easier one. Check out the list of schools with which Emory & Henry has been working to help transfer students who are looking to continue their education at a top national liberal arts college.

Transfer Guide of Equivalencies for Virginia Community Colleges

Articulation Agreements

Quick Turnaround 

Emory & Henry takes pride in being able to provide timely assistance to students looking to transfer to the College. To this end, we seek to complete transcript evaluations within a week—often within a day—so that you are able to move quickly on your decision to transfer.
Mail your transcripts to:
Emory & Henry College, Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 947, Emory, VA 24327

Top E&H Fields of Study:


 Transfer Requirements

Transfer students will need to take a few special steps as part of the admissions process. The Admissions Committee may request other data, such as college entrance test scores and high school transcripts. Emory & Henry has a variety of scholarships available to transfer students that can be explored once these initial transfer requirements have been met.

Transfer Student Requirements & Deadlines

Admitted Students

Admitted Transfer Students can begin processing their enrollment paperwork — including making a deposit, filing financial aid, and signing up for registration day — at anytime at

Finalize My Transfer Enrollment


…just for Transfers

Just by applying you automatically will be informed of all scholarships for which you are eligible. At Emory & Henry we find that transfer students add significantly to the character of our learning environment, so we provide numerous scholarships along with information about how to apply for them.
Transfer Scholarship & Financial Aid Opportunities

E&H Admissions Calendar

Get On-Site Admission from a dedicated Transfer Admission Counselor — along with answers to any questions you may have, and helpful information you may not have known. Checkout our Admissions Calendar for a list of locations we’ll be visiting, and plan to come see us if the drive’s not too far. Transfer specific admission events begin with TRANSFER in all-caps.

 Vibrant & Diverse

The E&H community is a vibrant and accepting student community that represents students from seven countries and 32 states. Our transfer students come from numerous institutions and contribute to this diversity while engaging in a unique student-centered educational experience.


Award-Winning Faculty

One of the most important reasons that transfer students come to Emory & Henry is the excellence of the E&H faculty, which is consistently ranked among the best in the nation. E&H professors, who have won numerous state and national teaching awards, are among the best in their fields and have mentored students on to tremendous professional achievement.
E&H Teaching Accolades

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